New photography workshop dates






We have just added several new dates for our photography workshops…

Basics of Photo Editing, Saturday, June 28, 9am-3pm

Understanding Flash Photography, June 14, 9am-4pm

NEW LOCATION Advanced DSLR Photography, July 19, 9am-4pm, Rodeway Inn, 6730 N Blackstone Ave,  Fresno

Studio Lighting Essentials, August 23, 9am-4pm, La Quinta Inn Shaw and 99, Fresno

Introduction to DSLR Photography, Saturday September 13 and Saturday, August 16, 9am-4pm, La Quinta Inn Shaw and 99, Fresno

Introduction to Digital Photography workshop – Learn digital photography in Fresno!

Digital photography classes in Fresno, CALearn Digital Photography

Saturday, August 16
Saturday, September 13
Price: $59.00
Location: La Quinta Inn Shaw and 99, Fresno



August 16:

September 13:

This course is designed for users of digital Singe-Lens reflex (DSLR) cameras who want to learn digital photography but who have little or no previous knowledge or experience. Photographers of all levels are welcome, whether you are using your first digital camera, or just need a refresher.

This course is designed to take the mystery out of learning your digital camera. The first half of the day deals with the technical issues, and the second part of the day deals more with aesthetic and compositional choices that can improve your photography.

Topics include:

  • Basic camera operation
  • Getting proper exposure for your images
  • Understanding depth of field and recording of movement
  • What is ISO and how it affects your images
  • Using white balance
  • Basic flash technics
  • Compositional elements and how they will improve your work
  • What to expect from editing
  • Learning to see creatively

It is highly recommended that you bring a camera that is capable of setting manual control over shutter speed and aperture.
Not sure? Give us a call at 559-307-4917. We’re happy to be offering this and other digital photography classes in Fresno.

Class size is limited to 15 participants…please register early!

Call for details: 559-307-4917

August 16:

September 13:

Creative Digital Workshops: Teaching photography to Fresno and the Central Valley.


Advanced DSLR Photography

Date: July 19
Time: 9-4
NEW LOCATION: Rodeway Inn, 6730 N Blackstone Ave Fresno
Cost: $69

This workshop will benefit former students who have either taken our “Intro to DSLR Photography” class, who have a firm grasp of their DSLR and its capabilities. This workshop moves beyond the basics of camera settings, and we will work hands-on to explore creative DSLR techniques. Regardless of your level of skill beyond “beginner,” we are certain this workshop will help take your photography to the next level.

Course Outline

After a solid review of essential camera settings that every DSLR photographer must know intuitively, and exposure basics, the workshop will focus on exploring equipment option benefits and answer specific questions by attendees.  The workshop will then move into several aspects of the art of photography, discussing composition and image design, backgrounds, the sought after bokeh effect, lighting (including off-camera flash techniques) and color, and strategies for “working your subject.”

We will spend time reviewing work of each participant in a constructive critique session designed to help photographers gain a broader understanding of their personal vision. Please bring 3-4 images on a flash drive to share with the group. You may email images in advance to

Points covered during the workshop include:

  • Using your camera manually allows you to be more precise and creative with your camera.
  • Working with shutter speeds and apertures allows you to freeze action or control the amount of background blur in your pictures.
  • Applying exposure compensation
  • Using Auto Exposure Bracketing
  • Fixing common exposure problems
  • Photographing backlit subjects
  • Exposing for high key subjects
  • Exposing for low key subjects

Studio Lighting Essentials

Date: August 23
Time: 9-4pm
Location: La Quinta Inn, 5077 N. Cornelia, Fresno (near Shaw and 99)

Our studio and lighting course provide hands-on instruction on the manipulation and utilization of light for the production of professional quality images to capture contemporary styles and reflect today’s popular trends.

Student will accomplish the following:

  • Recognize and reproduce basic lighting techniques such as Rim, Rembrandt, Butterfly.
  • Understand what is meant by ‘lighting ratio’ and how to measure and choose the proper ratio for a given purpose.
  • Understand what is meant by ‘corrective lighting’ i.e. using a specific lighting pattern to model the subject in a way that minimizes unattractive features and accentuates attractive ones.
  • Understand the basics of controlling or converting various light sources into specular, point source, soft, shadowless or other forms to increase their usefulness.
  • Lean key terminology used during flash operation: automatic, manual, synchro-sun, fill, key, slave, strobe-effect, light painting, diffused, flat, bounce, recycle, color temperature, and other terms.

Please bring your DSLR camera and lenses to the workshop. We will have a live model on hand to practice the techniques learned during the workshop.