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Learn Digital Photography in Fresno and the Central Valley

Learn digital photography in fresno

Learn digital photography in fresno

Since 2010, Creative Digital Workshops has been serving photographers and creative people of all levels throughout Fresno and all of California. Our goal is to foster creativity and talent by providing students with the opportunity to learn digital photography, video, and digital editing, to name just a few. By working with talented professional photographers from throughout California, Creative Digital Workshops puts students in a position of leaning in a hands-on environment, where their skills can be mentored, sharpened and expanded.

We have undertaken the goal of providing communities with exceptional educational opportunities by inviting talented working photographers and artists who provide low-cost lectures and presentations through our Creative Digital Lecture Series. Our goal is to inspire individuals and communities to pursue the arts as a tool for expression and communication.

Creative Digital Workshops is located in Fresno California and is owned and operated by Jonathan Mathis and Carlos Guzman, two working professionals with years of practical experience. From our headquarters in the heart of California, we are able to effectively serve all areas of the state.

Some of our classes include:

Introduction to Digital Photography (Learning DSLR photography)
Learning Studio Lighting
Learning Digital Editing
Documentary Photography
Photography in Yosemite
Valley Landscape Photography
Travel Photography and Writing
Glamour/Nude Fine Photography Art
Digital Workflow
Fine Art Printing

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


carlosCarlos Guzman has been around photography his whole life. His passion for photography was handed down by his father who owned a portrait studio in downtown Fresno for decades. Carlos specializes in portrait photography, both in the studio and on location. His work has included commercial, wedding, and business portraiture.



2014-04-18 14.24.40Jonathan Mathis started shooting while in college in his early 20s. He enjoys fine art photography and documentary work. He also enjoys learning about the history of photography and sharing with his students. Jonathan works as a lecturer in the Art Department at Fresno State.