DSLR Photography Part II

DSLR Photography Part II will improve your photography skills and techniques to help you road to creating the images you want.


DSLR Photography Part II is the workshop to take after DSLR Part I. Part I helped you understand how your camera functions, how to control your camera, and how to create better images. DSLR Part II will take your photography to the next level by mastering and understanding how to control your camera to create the images you envision.

This workshop will provide you with actual in class exercises, to help you understand and control how shutter speed captures movement and how aperture affects your depth of field. In this workshop, you will create actual photos that will clearly demonstrate how you can control and manipulate your images. You will leave this workshop with your very own photographs to help you understand the methods of creating impressive photographs.

Each attendee will leave the class feeling they are now in control of their camera as opposed to the camera controlling their photography. Below is the list of topics for this full day class. One of the most important sections will be the Portfolio Review. Each attendee will bring 10 images for a Portfolio Review. The goal of the review is to discuss how all images can be improved, either by exposure correction, cropping, or changing the Triangle of Exposure.

Register as soon as possible because each class is limited to the first 12 attendees. The reason for the small class is to provide better individual attention to students and because the workshops will be held at a residence. Reserve your seat today.

Here are the topics to be covered:

  • Triangle of Exposure Review (ISO, shutter speed, & aperture)
  • Controlling motion with Shutter Priority (Hands-on exercise)
  • Controlling depth of field with Aperture Priority (Hands-on exercise)
  • Manual Mode – Using the built-in light meter to take full control of your camera
  • Auto-Bracketing to insure a proper exposure
  • Histogram – Understanding your digital light meter
  • Flash-fill
  • Shooting in RAW
  • White Balance
  • Advanced composition
  • Portfolio Review

The class size, for each workshop, will be limited to 12 students in order to provide individual attention to each student. To register for this class click on this registration link for your preferred date.

The cost for the class is only $75.00.


March 12, 2016

June 25, 2016