Lightbox Photography


Nature indoors and in a box.

A week ago I shot the above product shot for my client Julia Cantu, owner of the Beauty Bar.  She has a new line of beauty products and oils.  I wanted to share how I photographed this shot using a "lightbox."

In future articles I will show you alternatives to the lightbox I used and the various types of images you can create.  LIghtboxes are versatile and can be used for many uses. Product photography, is a common use, but it can be used for many purposes.  Check out the second photo featuring my Photo Buddies.  Yes, these are my buddies that never complain about modeling for me. So by changing the "subject" you can go from a product shot, to a whimsical and fun shot.

I also included a photo hat shows the lightbox and the three flashes I used to light the photos. There is one strobe to the right, one to the left and one above the box. I have my flashes covered with diffusing material to cut down on the power of the flashes. In a future article I will write about these small, inexpensive, yet powerful flashes.  In the middle of the table is the lightbox itself. This one is commercially made, collapses to a circle about 20 inches in diameter and does a fantastic job of diffusing light.

If you do not have three flashes you can use almost any light source, even light bulbs.

In future articles I will show you how to build your own lightbox.  One is made out of a cardboard box and the other one is made with PVC pipes. Each have their pros and cons.  For example the one used for these images, is ready to go out of the box,…yes the pun  was intended, the diffusion is very good, and does not use much storage space.  However, these can be expensive.  The cost depends on how big you want the box and the company you buy it from. Also notice the sort of oval opening. At times the curved opening can create cropping issues.

The last photo you will see  how I created a nature shot. The stones are three items I took from my backyard, I draped pine branches that I cut from my trees, and the spot of color is my rosemary bush that currently has blossoms. I also placed fake water drops on the stone and finally I used a spray bottle to spritz water onto the stones, the branches and the rosemary.  Those little touches go a long way.
The client needed shots of her products against a clean white seamless background.  I always provide my client with what they want, which was the white background, but I wanted to give her something extra.  Julia loved the nature images and now she wants future shots to include both styles.

So I hope this article stimulated your desire to bring nature indoors and to expand your photography. Never be afraid to try something new.

Keep an eye out for my future lightbox articles and because so many of you asked, we will hold a 3 hour lightbox workshop on Tuesday, February 23rd, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Details will be posted shortly.

So keep shooting my friends, try new things, and  have fun with your camera.