Snail Portraits With The Best Camera In The World


Photography Subjects Are Everywhere and I Used the best camera in the World


Early this morning I was on a cardio walk when I looked down and the rising sun was illuminating my soon to be new friend.  Yes, meet Snail, who was also taking a morning walk.  The light was perfect.  A low light and fortunately for me, Snail’s walking pace was not too fast.

So I pulled out the best camera in the world and took some portraits.  I used my iPhone 5.  Why is it the best camera in the world?  It is the best because it is the one I had with me when I crossed paths with Snail.  As photographers, we sometimes worry too much about the equipment.  It is not always about the equipment. The best camera in the world is the one you have with you, when you need it.

I saw how the light was illuminating Snail.  The low light made parts of the body translucent.  Of course I had to capture that.  I went down to one knee, placed my cell phone on the sidewalk, composed, and snapped away.  This was my back-lite portrait.  I then took another position on the opposite side of Snail. Now I had a frontal lighting shot of Snail.  These types of portraits are beautiful, just after sunrise and just before sunset.

These images are straight out of my iPhone. I do want to spend some time tweaking the exposure and adjusting the image, but it is not too bad for being straight out of the camera.  I will probably lighten the images a bit and add some saturation.  Once I have the images adjusted, I’ll send them out so you can see the benefits of digital editing.  I did use a camera app called Camera+.  I use this app because it allows me to set the focus point and it allows me to set the exposure point.  So it does give me more control than Auto mode.  Remember my fellow photographers, in Auto mode, our camera makes decisions for us.

So if you keep a camera with you at all times, then you will always have the best camera in the world with you.  Slow down, look all around and you will find photo opps everywhere.  In fact, if you do not look around, you may end up stepping on a new friend.

Please give me your feedback and comments on the images.  Just like all photographers, I like to talk shop.

Carlos Guzman