Here’s what some of our past student have said about past Creative Digital Workshop photography classes



Thanks for the inspiration!
—Gary G, Fresno

Thanks to you both again, I have learned a great deal and you are both wonderful teachers!

First off, I would like to salute you and Carlos for a very thorough and a very friendly class. I thought I would be intimidated. But you and Carlos explained all the technical terminologies in layman’s term which makes it easier for me to grasp the concept and understand the basic of photography. Amazingly, I have a lot of “AHA” moments. I finally made it to the stage that I do understand now what I was doing instead of doing it because this is what the manual states. I definitely recommend the class to my peers.

—Laine, Fresno

Just attended your Point and Shoot workshop Saturday and loved it. I learned so much and didn’t know how much I didn’t know! Very easy to understand and you two took time to help every master their cameras!!! Highly recommended!! Can’t wait to take another class.

—Kelly, Fresno

I just wanted to drop you two a line and say thank you for offering such an amazing learning experience in Fresno! I had so many light bulb moments in my intro to DSLR class. All the sudden stuff started making sense and I literally couldn’t wait to start shooting. On the Sunday after class I couldn’t stop myself from photographing everything. Literally I took a beautiful shot of my breakfast… I couldn’t stop!

Thank you again! I can’t wait to take another workshop. I’m recommending this class to everyone I know with a camera!
—Joanna, Fresno

Although, I live in Montana, I am planning to make the 1000-mile trip again in order to take future workshops at Creative Digital Workshopsd. I found CDW to be a creative hub for those interested in honing their skills as a photographer.

— Merri Lisa Trujillo

Thank you so much for the class today. I walked away with so much and can’t wait to start putting it to use. You both were so patient and explain everything with great detail. My sister and I can not wait to take another class in the future…THANKS!

—Jennifer, Fresno

I will say that my eye’s were opened to a whole new world…I think that everyone has their creative eye in their own way. I was amazed at how much there is to learn about my camera. With practice and studying I am confident that I will take photography to the level that I set my goal to. Thank you for sharing your expertise. You guys are awesome and I look forward to more workshops. I highly recommend to anyone that is interested in learning about photography that you two are the go-to guys.

—Joanna, Fresno, CA

The workshop was enlightening as well as fun! I have a whole new set of things to keep in mind every time I look through the viewfinder. Thank you for reminding me that my heart can be connected directly to everything within that frame.

– Curtis Messer, Fresno, CA

Great workshop for those who want to learn how to take better pictures and become more familiar with your camera.

— Phil Perez, Fresno

I just took the intro to digital photography class today and I can not say enough good stuff about it! I have been taking a pictures on auto for some time now but knew I could get way more out of my pics I just didnt know the basics. Well thanks to this class now I know! I have been shooting some tonight and I just kept getting more and more excited cause now I UNDERSTAND it so much. Now the pics I am taking aren’t the good today….BUT at least I am not shooting in auto mode anymore! If you are looking for a class to learn basics of photography this is a GREAT class to take! I would recommend it to ANYONE!

— Jocalyn Mertens, Fresno

I learned a lot from the class & will definitely recommend this workshop.

— Erika Marin